Tuesday, December 13, 2011

all over again

The ice sits in my glass,
dripping with whiskey residue
I am warm,
with cheeks flushed
I remove my coat,
as you drag me to the dance floor
The music echoes through my bones,
My feet tingle,
as my second drink sets in
We sway to the rythm of the tunes,
as the base drowns out all lonliness
I lose all senses,
with you,
you stranger you
Your hands caress my swinging hips
I glide closer to you,
leaving no space between us
Suddenly we are moving as one
Unaware of those around us
My heart is beating out of my chest
as we make our way to the bar,
I sip slowly,
anticipating your next move
My cheeks hurt from laughing too hard,
and I am all smiles tonight,
Your hands find mine,
with ease we are back in motion
twirling around,
as your arms grip my waist
The breath catches in my throat,
as your lips move up my neck
I shiver with excitement
as you softly kiss my cheek
My eyes close,
forseeing where your lips will be next
Then the moment comes,
I hear it, faintly at first,
That song, that old familiar tune,
I compose myself, suddenly aware
The blood rushes from my face,
as I stumble out the door
leaving my dear stranger
in complete disarray
It takes no time at all
for the song to end,
but the damage is done,
and I'll have to forget you
all over again

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