Monday, May 21, 2012

The One, Perhaps

I find myself
in an unknown place
where time knows no bounds
And here I sit,
silently taking in
the furrow of his brow
as he squints to see the film
in this dark theatre,
home to worlds of
imaginative possibilities
yet I cannot
take my eyes from his face

He, who is
 the spring in my step
whose hands fill mine just so
like two puzzle pieces
connecting at the seams
I sigh with great pleasure
as his fingers
trace the veins on my wrist
Each touch sends shivers down my back
It is as if he has awakened
my every nerve
So that I might drink in the world around
from every pore
Like a flower with its neck
cocked toward the sun
as its last rays sink into the horizon,
indulging in every solitary drop

I watch the crinkle 
that rounds his cheek 
as he lets out a boisterous laugh
And the warmth that fills me,
is the purest bit of ecstasy
one could imagine
Pictures fill my head,
Of a time that has yet to come
Where tiny hands
reach for bigger ones
when crossing a street
And little arms
embrace his neck
as I walk contently behind
Snapping photos
of memories to cherish
As he turns back and smiles
with those eyes
that twinkle just for me
He leans toward me in the dark
to find my eyes
staring back at his
grinning as he moves closer,
kissing me ever so gently
as if I were a breakable,
delicate little thing
 to which the slightest pressure
would crush the very life from me
I lean back in my seat
with another sigh of pleasure
realizing for the first time,
that the realm in which I live,
is headed for a life of bliss
And the roads on which I tread,
are open to entities
I never deemed imaginable

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