Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I ache
with the absence of you
With eyes shut
I try to forget your face
But to no avail
You remain,
a piece of me
A solitary resonance 
echoing through my veins
I feel you
in the very breath
that leaves my lips
My nights are spent
wide awake
while you meander around
in my thoughts
Leaving a trail
of overwhelming sadness
And when I have fallen
into a deep slumber
hoping to escape
those melancholy thoughts of you
There you are,
creeping into my dreams
Attaching yourself
to every image I can muster
Projecting your very essence
into the depths of my soul
Leaving a permanent footprint
down every road I venture
And I awake in the morning,
Sinking further
into the depths of insanity
Plagued by those
grim memories of you
And what might have been

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