Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tear me down

The scene is the same, though the calendar on the wall shows a different date.  I watch your mouth, words flowing out like vomit after a bad hangover.  Trusting you with eyes closed and lips parted, I’ve let you kiss me a thousand times.  Those words sting my ears and I can see right through you.  I question you, pleading for the truth, and all you can do is smile that familiar smile, denying what we both already know.  I know what happens next.  You will  hold me and utter those famous words.  A meaningless apology from a man with no heart.  Deep down I know you will never change, but a part of me, a very small part, hopes that one day you will.  I lay down on the bed, needing space from you and your constant betrayal; Allowing myself to be lulled into a numb state where the world around me meshes together like chalk art attacked by rain.  I add another layer to my already distanced self and fall asleep in a puddle of tears. 

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