Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A little bird told me

I walked atop a hill today

But found tall buildings in my way

I stretched way up on my tippy toes

And still a cluttered skyline arose

I saw a higher place ahead

I thought I'd give that one a tread

I made it to the top to find

No emerald mountains,

no peace of mind

I slumped onto a nearby rock

And tried to cure my writer's block

I pondered and mused about what to write

But found no clarity with steel in sight

It wasn't fair to have come all this way

To a sightless sky

on a smog drenched day

A Robin flew past

in a hurried flutter

I'd swear I heard him softly mutter

'No matter how high you climb my dear

You'll always be faced with cluttered frontier

 what you learn on the journey

means the most in the end,

And the hills in life you must transcend"

I thought this bird was awfully nice,

To take time to give a stranger advice

As I waved goodbye, I blinked twice to see,

A tiny nest cradled in a nearby tree

Two monstrous skyscrapers stood at its' sides

And yet this tree grew grandly with beauteous pride

I knew then what she meant as I began to write

Of a girl whose world seemed suddenly bright

- Ashley Ratcliffe -

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