Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I tell myself to stop

To force the words from my mouth

But you cling to me

like static in the wind

I put if off for another day

In hopes that you'll find your way

I hate you

for making me feel small

I am the discarded one

The picture you gaze upon

when you're lonely

The memory that lingers in your thoughts

You burn hot and you run cold

And I am your target for sorrow

You bombard me with emotion

You lift me up higher than I've ever been

Then release your grasp

to watch me tumble down

I am chained to a familiar place

A place where I think of you when I wake

A place where you haunt my dreams

A place where I am all alone

Alone to dwell on what once was

Alone to wonder

what might have been

Not a soul here knows how I feel

I keep you all to myself

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